Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Bungalow to Duplex. Quotes and Permits and 3 month update

Busier than planned

For the few people that actually are following this Blog I apologize for leaving you in the dark. It has been a very busy few months and the blog has kind of went to the back burner but hopefully I can give more regular updates going forward on our journey.


Possession didn't start as expected. To start with we had our possession date on the 9th of Feb. Seeing as this is the 8th time we have purchased a property I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. The first thing was the keys. Usually when you buy a house you get the keys from your lawyer or Realtor. Well in this case the seller (Bank, Realtor, or lawyer) decided it was better for them to just leave them in the lock box that was at the property. I think that is a little lazy considering you expect better customer service from your local burger joint.
The next day we took the day off from our jobs and went to check out the house. We need to replace the furnace so we brought in 3 furnace contractors to take some measurements and give us a quote on the replacement. We are taking the opportunity to move the furnace as well in order to gain more space in the basement suite. Obviously this is was a good day to interview General Contractors for the rest of the work and so we did. We had 4 Contractors in to give us a quote on our reno's and we are still awaiting a response.

Permits and Paperwork

On the 12th we submitted our zoning application to the city and now the waiting game began.
After a week of reviewing we decided on a Contractor. We finalized some details on the plans with his input and were now just waiting for the zoning application to be approved.
The zoning approval came on the 18th of Feb and on the 19th we submitted our building permits to the City to get that part underway. There was a few corrections and clarifications along the way but after roughly 4 weeks our permits were approved on the 15th of March.

The Demo

What a relief it was to get the planning part finished and we could move on to the demo. Truth be told I had already pretty much demolished the whole basement and the kitchen upstairs. Once the demo was complete it was now time to add the second suite.

Stay with us to learn if this gamble is worth the risk, if it works out I may convince you to to turn a bungalow into a duplex. Until next time!

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Do you have a story you want to tell, leave me a comment, I would love to hear about it!

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