Monday, 17 October 2016

Bungalow to Duplex: A new Beginning!

From the Floor Up!

Following receiving the go ahead on our permits and completing the demo we started the rebuild. The furnace and AC units were from the early 90's so our first task was to get them replaced. Since we were replacing them that also gave us the option of moving them 4 feet and therefore created a much larger second bedroom for the basement suite. The contractor we hiredWe also needed to upgrade the water heater but as it was a rental that was looked after by the company.replaced and moved the furnace and had the water heater rental company upgrade and move the water heater to create space for the second bedroom.
Kitchen Island rough-in
The next project was the rough in of the new basement plumbing. We first needed break the floor and lay in the new drain lines for the Kitchen and Bathroom downstairs. Once the rough plumbing inspection passed the concrete was patched and the framing could be started. At this point the both bathtubs (up and down) were brought in and then the units were separated properly.

Old Stairs = New Laundry

Walls and Windows

In order to separate the units we first needed to remove the old stairs from the backdoor to the upper unit. This was only 3 risers so not a big deal. We placed new joist across the space that the stairs took up and built a wall at the back to create the upper units laundry closet. 
We only ran into 1 issue while framing out the basement. The previous owners had weakening the floor joists by chiseling out an inch hole so that the could run there plumbing above the old drop ceiling in the basement. The solution was to sister up the joist from wall to wall. This cost about $500.00 more than expected but it needed to be completed to pass the inspection. Then we ordered and installed the new windows which included enlarging one  for egress requirements and adding a new one in the basement living room.
Added centre window

Water and Wires

The next 2 surprises came fairly quickly. These were not actually needed upgrades but they just made sense. The house had a 3/4 inch service line from the street but after the water meter it stepped down to 1/2 inch. My plumber suggested that since he was running a bunch of new lines for the basement that it might be a good idea to replace all of the old copper supply lines and increase the service lines to some area to 3/4 inch. We also requested the city replace the old water meter.
The second issue was the electrical panel. The old one was fuses and needed to be replaced so instead or just throwing a new 100 amp panel up we decided to increase to 200 amp. This required a new mast on the roof and for the power company to run a new supply and change the meter as well. This ended up costing us around $1000.00 of non-forecasted money but the benefits easily out weighed the downside of not doing it.

Now that the behind the wall things were done we could move on to fire separation and drywall. This had taken to this point about 2 weeks longer than expected but progress was still being made.
Stay tuned for my next installment.

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