Sunday, 30 August 2015

Why Compost?

As a frugal person having a a garden no matter how small was basically inevitable. Once started the goal was how to produce the best quality and quantity of produce to off set our grocery bill.

One obvious step to take is starting to compost some kitchen scraps.

The Good

If you are considering a garden of any kind maybe you would want to take a look at the benefits of a compost. Here is a link to the US Composting Council fact sheet for your perusal.

Below I will list what I believe to be the top benefits of composting and some negative affects as well so you get the majority of the facts.

1. Improves Soil structure.

Compost will improve the drainage of clay soil, improves the water retention of sandy soil. Making all soils workable and fertile for plant roots.

2. Waste Management Reduction.

The less stuff that goes in your garbage the less ends up your garbage bag or Green bin means the less trucks on the road and the less waste making it to the waste management facility. This chart shows what the Edmonton waste facility deals with

3.  Free soil/fertilizer

I would be re-missed if I didn't some how have some type of frugal reason in this list. You could go to your garden centre and buy a bag of compost or triple mix for $3.99 or collect your yard and kitchen waste for a year and have 4 to 5 bags of compost for free! On top of of this I find I also get volunteer plants growing from the edges of the bin like this cherry tomato!

The Bad

Now for some of the negatives.

1. Pests

Compost piles can attract animals such as mice. If you put a small wire mesh under your bin you will stop the rodents but still allow worms to travel in and out of it.

2. Flies

Again a side affect will be a large amount of soldier and fruit flies living in the compost. This can be mitigated by always placing your dry material on top.

3. Smell

The compost depending on how much wet material vs dry material could have a rotting odour. This can be mitigated by having it away from your door if possible or keeping it covered with your dry material (carbon).

If you have a compost benefit that you would like to share please do!

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